PayPal payment procesures

For  PayPal users:

Our PayPal account was limited by PayPal again because they don’t support our business. So if you have to buy videos from PayPal, here are some methods for us to get money.

1. By gift card
You pay me gift card. Some channels to buy gift card is following.(Amount:100 Yuan, 14.85 USD)

After your payment in the store above, you will get the code for your payment, please send me the code please. And this is maybe the cheapest way to make payment, and one video only cost one card about 14.85 USD.But they may need to verify your PayPal account.

However, we don’t have cooperation with any online stores, so you need to buy the gift card yourself. And if there is any problem, you have contact with their support.

2. By

Please register an account for 

And the download links are attached in the post of each video. Please just pay and get the download links by yourself.

I only charge 17 USD but you have to pay 24.5 USD if you choose PayPal,  and the rest is charged by Takefile. However, Takefile only gives us 10.2 USD, 60% of your payment.

3. By Bitcoin
You can exchange PayPal to my bitcoin wallet here.
And my Bitcoin wallet is: 19L5TU1eL7H552KdVVpx4gJCXpwiqu8Yvw

However, we don’t have cooperation with them, so you need to exchange the currency yourself.

4. By XOOM.

However, it may be not available for some countries. If you will have a try, I will tell you the my information for transfer.